Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rabbit Manure

I've been meaning to post about the rabbit manure I bought a month or so ago.

I check Craigslist's farm and garden section now and then for rabbit manure but the listings are usually a 1-1/2 to 2 hour drive north of us and that just seems silly. Plus the truck gets terrible gas mileage.

I was very excited when I finally saw a local ad for $4 a bag so we took a ride out to the country to buy four bags.  It was very close to Tractor Supply so it wasn't hard to get hubby on board!

When we got there, she explained that they use 50 lb feed bags and some were heavier than others.  I really had no idea what she meant by that, so I just paid the nice lady $20 and went to load the first bag into the bed of the truck.  Holy Moly! I was totally shocked at how heavy it was. I manhandled it into the truck while hubby grabbed the next one and we both just kept our thoughts to ourselves and carefully hefted two more bags into the bed.

Here's an understatement: "Those bags were not what we expected..."

What we were expecting were dry pellets, but due to the weight, we assumed they just shoveled mixed manure & urine into bags.  I was fretting about it all the way home.  I didn't want to have to have to compost it.  I wanted to use it NOW!

I got the bags unloaded and wheeled them out back, one at a time of course, and opened up a bag to see what was what.  I found that it was very nearly composted.

It didn't have a strong ammonia smell, and it seemed usable just the way it was, so I happily spread the bunny love all around the garden right then and there!

If you're within driving distance to Buckingham and would like some rabbit manure, keep an eye out for their ad on Craigslist.  Dummy me lost the number! Luckily I'm thick in rabbit poo for a good long while.


  1. I will be checking craigslist! Good stuff and you can make a compost tea with rabbit poop as well!

    1. Most of the Craigslist ads were in your neck of the woods and were listed for $4 a bag also.