Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pumpkin Surprise and Southern Peas

And then there were three...pumpkins (or squash?).  We have now harvested 3 seminole pumpkin (or squash?).  I found the one on the left hiding in the tomato garden.  We ate the first one.  

It might be a tad under ripe, but it looked like it was on the verge of getting eaten and I didn't want to take any chances. We'll eat the smaller ones like squash and I'll cook the tan cheese (?) pumpkin and make puree for pumpkin bread.

I also started harvesting a few Southern Peas over the last few days.

On the left is the Pinkeye Purple Hull and on the right the Piggott Pea.  I've actually hulled 4 of the Piggott variety and only one of the Pinkeye Purple Hull. I'm looking forward to cooking these as dry beans - we've eaten some of each "green".  They're not "good eating" like green Pigeon Peas, that's for sure.  So they'll be dried.

And that's my excitement so far today.  My chronic gastritis/esophagitis put a wrench in my day's plans so far, but I am perking up.

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