Sunday, June 29, 2014

Progress on the Kitchen Disaster

We've made a little bit of progress on the disaster that is our kitchen.

A coworker of my hubby's has a handyman business so he stopped by Friday morning to give us an estimate to install the replacement base cabinets and laminate flooring.

Shortly after the handyman left, the insurance adjuster came and did his thing. He was very nice and extremely helpful explaining some things.  He gave us the greenlight (finally) to remove the floor.  I left work at 4:50 PM Friday, got home about 5:30, and the laminate floor was out and in the trash by 6:30.  And boy oh boy, was it wet.  The underlayment is just like a diaper.  It would have taken forever to dry out.  Yuck.

It makes me a bit fearful to put in a laminate floor again because of how well it conceals water leaks until it reaches a saturation point, vs. tile where we'd have seen it right away.  But the kitchen looks so terrible with the old terrazzo tile that we made the decision to put in a laminate floor again anyway.  If we replace it with tile, we won't be happy with the way it looks, and I'll be dropping and breaking things all the time again. The wood floor really helps with my dropsy problem.

The plumber comes back tomorrow to cap off the pipes.  Then we need to have the handy guys come and help us remove the countertop and base cabinets.

The adjuster told us that if the countertop breaks during removal, we would be able to submit our estimate for the cost to replace ALL the countertops because otherwise they wouldn't match.  So that was a relief.

We got the estimates for the cabinets, countertops (just in case) and flooring today.  The cabinet estimate is for exactly what's in the kitchen now so we can show him the original layout/receipts and the new layout/estimate with today's prices.

Hopefully the insurance adjuster is in the ballpark.  Otherwise, he said we can adjust accordingly, within reason.

We also got the spare bathroom toilet repaired.  We put new guts in that toilet and it should be good for another few years.  

I sure hope the weather will get a bit less ugly.  At 10:30 this morning the temp was already 93 with a heat index of 114! Holy cow!  No gardening for me, that's for sure.

Praying that things will calm down, inside and out, so I can get back out for some much needed gardening therapy!

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