Saturday, June 14, 2014

I Planted a Dragon Today!

Susan, from, kindly gifted me with a dragon fruit cutting and two comfrey starts!

At her recommendation, I planted the dragon fruit cutting next to one of my cabbage palms so it can grow up the boots.

The vine trailing along the bottom is my red passion vine.  It just grows all over the place.  It's just been part of the scenery in the backyard, so I forget it's there!

I also planted the comfrey starts and hope to grow scads of it for mulch and compost tea. I now have three comfrey plants so my odds get better and better!

I've never eaten dragon fruit so we stopped in at our favorite Asian Market where we've seen them in the past, but no luck finding one today.

We also stopped at a Cuban Market we've wanted to check out and I found Roselle tea!

I made some as soon as we got home.  Wow!  My Roselle plant isn't anywhere near the flowering stage so I was thrilled to find this.  Definitely a Zinger!  I love it.

I also bought what I hope is a tan cheese pumpkin:

Naturally I'll save the seeds to plant in the fall.

I've loaded my buckets and pitchfork into the truck and I'm ready to go get me some free mulch - in the morning.

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