Sunday, June 1, 2014

Brick by Brick!

The brick border project is slowly coming along.  20 bricks at a time.  It's hard work to put 20 bricks in the cart, then put them in the car, then put them into the wheelbarrow and take them out back, then take them out again.  Especially when it's hot, humid and buggy outside!  I think I'm 40 bricks into the project so far.

It cooled down and got breezy just before a thunderstorm passed through today so I was able to set the 6 or 8 bricks I had left, as well as some pots of flowers that needed planting, before it rained.  Here's how it looks so far:

The Papaya, banana and Cassava are looking mighty fine.

You can just make out my 12" square brick pathway.  The sweet potato vines and what I hope is a Seminole Pumpkin have taken over a bit!  I'm tickled about that - keeps the weeds down.

Here's a backside shot:

That pumkin/squash vine starts just before the deck.  I'm trying to train it up the dwarf firebush.  If it decides to stay low and just keep laying down roots til it hits the fence, more power to it! I'm just hoping it will bear fruit(s)!!

After a quick trip to Lowe's I now have 20 more bricks, 2 more tiger lilies (75% off), and 4 packets of flower seeds to plant - 2 packets of Cosmos, California Poppy and an interesting packet called "Old Fashioned Garden Mix" which consists of Calendula, Soapwort, Scarlet Flax, Pheasant's Eye, Malope, Wallflower, Calliopsis, Baby's Breath, Globe Candytuft, Lupine, Love in a Mist, Winged Everlasting, Baby Blue Eyes, Buplerum, Bachelor Button, Sweet Alyssum, Amaranth and Bishop's Flower.  I don't even know what some of those flowers are, but the ones I do recognize should grow here through the summer. Crossing my fingers!


  1. I love the brick border . . . how great you'll feel when it's finally done.

    I recognize one of your plants in the "Old Fashioned Garden Mix" - Calendula. It's a very popular herb for making infused oils and balms (I had to buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs). You are growing some wonderful plants!

    Oh - your seeds should be there by Thursday. They came back to me as needing more postage, which is weird because I packaged several the same way and only one came back - yours. LOL. These really do grow very fast so you will still have plenty of time to grow this summer if you want.

    Happy gardening,


    1. Eli - Sorry about the extra postage! SASE is the way to go! No worries! I'll plant them this week for sure! And, I'll mail your package out after I receive yours (I forgot to ask for your address!). Calendula is why I decided to buy that mix package! I'm kicking myself for not buying the Chamomile seeds at Lowe's last night (I got distracted) so I'm going back today!