Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Black Eyed Pea Experiment

A few weekends ago, after our tropical almonds had shed all their leaves, hubby put the bagger on the lawn mower and asked where I wanted the mulch.  So he dumped a few loads in the side yard.  That will be the new dumping ground over the summer months.

If I'm going to be successful growing edibles in that side yard, the soil needs some serious fixing. And that's where black eyed peas come in. I actually love these plants.  They're quite attractive - dark green leaves and pretty flowers - and they grow in just about any soil type.  I'll let them go to seed and collect the dried peas when they've done their magic.  Win win.

I'll also add a few Pigeon pea and Moringa seeds to see if they'll grow in the crappy soil that's there.

It has been raining quite a lot here (yay!) so now is the time to get things growing!

I love a good experiment!

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