Monday, May 19, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Here's a good read over at The Prepper Project (written by David at Florida Survival Gardening):

I love the caption under the first photo!  I have posted some pretty darn ugly backyard photos on this here blog! Embarrassingly so. At least the last wide shot of a large section of my backyard garden wasn't too bad!  I've really focused most of my efforts this last winter/spring on that area, but for one reason only - to make a large area suitable for growing edibles.  I really don't care if it's neat or picture perfect, I just want to be able to grow herbs and citrus and cabbages and some pretty flowers here and there and some southern peas and maybe some okra and have a path to reach it all, and have fun building the soil too!  I'm never happier than when I'm playing in the dirt.  And finding worms!!!

Davids article caused me to take stock of what I'm good at growing, and what I'm not.

Good: pigeon peas, bok choy, green beans, wax beans, southern peas, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, basil, ground cherries, chia, amaranth, shepards needle (tee hee!).

So So: snap peas, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, sweet potato.

Bad: squash, cucumber, corn, radishes (I know, who can't grow radishes, right?!)

No matter what degree of success you are having in your garden, please please please persevere!  Find out what you're good at growing and keep adding to the Good list!!!

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