Sunday, May 4, 2014

The New Hugelkultur Bed

The weather was very cooperative today (cool ish) so I went out early to start the new hugulkultur bed.  I'm still disappointed with how little space I have to work with, but it will be expandable once the boat is moved.  Of course the A-Frame hogged quite a bit of space as well, but I'm still glad I put it there for the squashes.  This new bed will work for the summer veggies I want to plant.

I should have taken pictures of each layer as I built it, but I've never been a "picture taker". When I was looking at images on Pinterest, I saw some upright boards being used as a frame.  I realized that the bed couldn't encroach into the A-Frame or the gumbo limbo areas since I'd need to be able to access both those sides, so I used an old section of cedar siding from a long gone hot tub.  I'll be able to contain those two sides now and let the rest "slide".

Here's another view:

I weeded all the foreground area before I started the project.  This Florida soil is useless.

Here's a pic showing the gap I've left to access the A-Frame and back side:

I think this will end up being about 7' X 3'.  I've run out of top soil, peat and compost so I won't be finishing the bed today.  I knew I wouldn't have enough, but figured I'd do as much as I could.  I've watered each layer well and the old logs were already pretty wet from yesterday's rain.

I used two layers of logs, sticks/leaves, hay, kitchen scraps, the contents of the compost tumbler, bone meal, rabbit manure, chipper/shredder mulch, bagged compost, peat and top soil, and mixed in some 6-6-6.  When I get more soil, I'll add in more rabbit manure to the final soil mix.

All in all, it was a productive day.

Happy Yardening!

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