Sunday, May 25, 2014

Name This Bug!

What is this bug?  I've looked at images for "shield" type bugs but haven't found any with quite these markings or colors.

I'm thinking it's a squash bug. I've never noticed this bug before, but I do have quite a few new things growing in the garden this year.  And any year is an adventure for bugs in Florida anyway.  The bug in the picture is on my longevity spinach. I haven't seen any evidence that it's eating any of the leaves.

If anyone actually views my silly blog and knows what this bug is, please give me a holler in the comments section!

Thank you kindly.



  1. Check out to ID this guy.

  2. I checked the bug guide and couldn't find it. There were some photos that were "close" but not the orange color my bugs are sporting. I also googled "sheild bug" and "squash bug" to look at images. No luck. Oh well.