Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Pigeon Peas

I am so in love with Pigeon Peas!  I've harvested another small crop, just enough for a small pot of Pigeon Peas and rice.

I have two plants - one still producing fairly well but the other is quite small and has stopped flowering, probably due to being in partial shade and in the ignored front yard.

I do still intend to plant 4 or 5 more so I can get larger crops.  I want to experiment with freezing and canning them to see what works best for storage. They are a bit sticky when shelling them but hopefully I'll get the knack of doing it with more speed.

I'll store this batch in the fridge until tomorrow.

Tonight is leftover pasta and homemade focaccia bread with fresh Rosemary.  It smells incredible in here!

Sorry you don't have smellavision...your loss!

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