Friday, May 16, 2014

Gotu Kola vs. Dollar Weed Plant Identification

Gotu kola is a very important, yet little known "weed" here in Southwest Florida.

Here's Dollar weed (left) and Gotu kola (right) side by side::

Here's how to tell them apart. Dollar Weed has the stem coming out of the center of the back of the leaf. Gotu kola appears round, but it does have a little "slit", and the stem comes out of that slit.  Like so:

I've read quite a few web pages on the Gotu kola plant and apparently if you eat just three fresh leaves a day it can improve brain function. And boy, do I need all the help I can get in that area! I have Gotu kola growing in my front yard as well as at work in the little ditch in front of my parking spot.  Now that's exciting! I see a little experiment waiting to happen...


  1. Great ID comparison! I just did a foraging class with Green Deane a couple of weeks ago and learned about both of these 'weeds'. Amazing what we call weeds huh?

    1. Where did the foraging class take place? I love his videos.

  2. The second plant is ponyfoot, not Gotu Kola.

  3. The second plant is ponyfoot, not Gotu Kola.

  4. The shiny, larger leaf is dollar weed & it grows like weeds in southern lawns all over the states. Gotu Kola has somewhat of a heart shape leaf, where it seperates apart at the top. It is true though, it helps with mental clarity, just eat about 2-3 leaves a day for like 2 weeks then back off of it. Just don't eat a lot of it.

  5. I think the one is dichondra.