Monday, May 26, 2014

Comfrey and Seed Bombs!

I was anxious to get my comfrey seeds growing but I had read on a few websites that comfrey wouldn't survive the Florida heat and humidity.  I decided to plant one of the seeds anyway to see if I could get it to grow through the summer.  So far, so good!

It's in one of the big barrels I use to grow bok choy and lettuce, and it's in the shade for part of the day.  I'm hoping it will stay happy.  If it makes it through July with continued growth, it will probably survive the summer.

David at FloridaSurvivalGardening sent me some seed bombs.  Here's one of the seed clusters:

Not sure what they are, but it will be fun watching them grow.  There are a few others scattered here and there.

I also managed to get outside and plant a few more seeds - velvet bean, luffa gourd, ivy gourd, korean melon and black eyed peas.

I still need to plant tomatillo, eggplant and okra.  So much to do, so hot outside...

Not looking forward to the workday tomorrow.  Whaaaa!



  1. I never even thought of trying to grow my own comfry. I use it to make infused oils, but typically buy it from Mountain Rose Herbs. Please keep us posted on how it does for you.

    Love the idea of "seed bombs" . . . how fun to watch what grows!

  2. The seed bombs are a great idea! I've gotten them twice before but commercially packaged as "party favors", but those didn't sprout. Not sure why. David's worked like a charm! I think his kids much have the magic touch!

  3. So glad to know there is another SW Florida Gardener who knows Comfrey! It is a miracle plant and much under-used here. Glad to find you through David's blog. Would love to meet you sometime. If you head out to Sanibel, please holla if you want to stop by my food forest!

    1. I'm just learning about herbs - their medicinal uses and what will grow here in Zone 10. It's my latest obsession! Finding David's blog really kicked off my Food Forest Fever! We don't get out to Sanibel often, but I'll be sure to give you a holler if we venture your way in the near future!