Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chayote, Summer Vegetables, and Leaf Mulch

I found Chayote at Publix!  They were 2 for $1.49.  Can't beat that with a stick! Whenever I'm at a supermarket, I always look for tropical vegetables.  I was very excited to find Chayote.  I bought two, one to eat and one to plant.

It's looking like the boat isn't going to be moved any time soon, so I've moved the A-Frame cage, which is the run portion of our (currently unused) chicken coop, into the now cleared ugly patch area to use as a trellis for my squash on one side and the chayote on the other.  

Hubby felt the need to "camouflage" the coop - we live within City limits and aren't allowed to have chickens. He's funny.  Our neighbors never had a problem with the chickens and we have 200+ acres of vacant land behind us so no worries there.  So nobody snitched on us.  I'll do a post on our chicken raising experience sometime soon.

I still need to take the tomahawk to that tree stump and put some brush-b-gone on it.  I also need to move the coop out of the way.  

This ugly patch area is untouched, meaning it's all sand, roots and shell and has never been planted in as long as we've lived here (23 years).   Nor has it ever been mulched.  So it will be difficult to dig out.  Hence the hugelkultur idea.  Since there's still a bit of room for planting, I'll make a smaller hugelkultur "hump" so I can plant some okra, tomatillos, and eggplant.

We're going to have rain most of the day today and it's very wet from last night's rain, so my vacuum/mulching project is on hold.  I did get a little done last night before the heat got to me.  The tropical almond leaves are falling quite nicely now.  This is the next area of leaf mulch heaven to tackle:

I need to build a garden in this space, but it will need to be a shallow garden due to all the tree roots.  I managed to plug in a few Caladiums (love love love them!) but other than that, this whole area is hopelessly root bound.  I think the fallen almonds are at least 4 inches thick in this area!  Years and years worth of almonds! Another fall project! So I'm thinking a small area with herbs and salad greens will do nicely here.  I just need to build up the soil 4 or 5 inches on top of what's there.

Lots on the yardening to do list - Bricks to buy, holes to dig, bowler hat to find, eggplant, tomatillo, and okra seeds to plant...Hopefully I'll get a few things done!

Happy Yardening!

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