Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Things You Find In the Garden!

Over the weekend we finally took a few minutes before dark to investigate the front and south areas of the yard. We found this frog "relaxing" on top of the bone dry water fountain:

Not sure why he's there, particularly in that position.  It's like he just stretched out and was waiting for the water to flow. I know, we're weird, but we were highly amused by this.

I hadn't really investigated the south side yard for several months.  I was amazed at how shady it was.  A few things need to be removed, a bit of weeding and pruning needs to be done, but mostly it needs to be heavily mulched and watered.  I'll plant Moringa, Velvet Bean, and Pigeon Pea for the summer growing season.  Those three plants are fairly tolerant of crap soil so I think they'll be okay over there.  It will be a good experiment!  

Happy Yardening!

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