Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweet Potato

One of these sweet potato slips is going bananas!  I'll get them in the ground today or tomorrow.  Lucky for me it's supposed to rain the next few days! Although, the forecast changes every hour.

That middle slip grew at least 3 inches yesterday!  I couldn't believe it!

I used a small sweet potato from Publix supermarket (left two) and one from my favorite Asian market (right two).  The Asian market potato is definitely the winner.  I have to admit, I'm pleasantly surprised the supermarket potato sprouted at all.

The far right is the mystery cutting I received in the mail.  I'm hoping it's Okinawa spinach, but David the Good needs to confirm.  I need to get that in the ground as well. It has sprouted a new leaf, so it's very happy.

When I got to the register with my small sweet potato (both places), the cashiers remarked on how small the sweet potato was and asked why I was buying it.  I told them I was going to sprout it and plant it and they clearly thought I was nuts. It's quite sad how few people "garden".  I have 5 siblings and only 1 has a small (4' X 8') garden.  Then I got to thinking about my parents and their siblings.  My Dad has 9 siblings and my Mom has 4. Not a one of them had gardens that I'm aware of.  Of all the folks I work with, not a one of them has a garden.  Out of 30+ folks my hubby works with, only one that we know has fruit trees, and only because the 5 acre property she bought had mature mangoes and lychee fruit trees.

So to anyone out there gardening, big or small, GOOD FOR YOU!  We're the ones who will be able to feed ourselves when the SHTF!

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