Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Name is Sheila and I'm a Seedaholic!

Okay, I admit it. I'm a bit of a seedaholic.  I rarely "buy" plants.  I'm a seed girl.     I went to the library and got "the" book  on perennial vegetables (according to the interwebs) by Eric Toensmeier.  There were a few plants that interested me and I've been looking on line for seed sources.  I found a website that has a TON of seeds and it took me days to go through it all and take notes.  Here's the seed company link:

Because I sometimes can't get into the garden for weeks, I need plants that can tolerate heat and poor soil.

I have a few sweet potatoes growing in jars on a windowsill almost ready for planting.  I bought ginger and turmeric at the local asian market and those will go in the ground this weekend.  I'm hoping to create a large patch just for the sweet potatoes but it's hard work for me to loosen up soil.  I have a patch where I heavily mulched last fall so I'm going to use that for this experiment.  I still have sprigs here and there from the sweet potato I bought at ECHO several summers ago.

I've had very good luck with seed purchases from and Baker Creek (  Even 3 year old seed still sprouted from my Baker Creek seed packets!   I discovered Cherrygal last summer when I was hunting for pigeon pea seeds and they also had Moringa which was great since I wanted to plant a few more of those as well.  My Moringa seed stock from ECHO was depleted two years ago and I have 2 spindly trees and the one "healthy" tree.  Even though ECHO is close by, their prices have gone up so much it's cheaper to buy from another source, sadly.

My one "healthy" Moringa tree is in its second season and it has yet to produce pods.  I was SO CLOSE but my hubby chopped a branch off that was hiding in my tropical almond and it was the most likely branch to have produced a pod or two.  Harumph.  I've had flowers both years, but no pods!  Not sure why.  There are still flowers blooming so I'm not giving up hope yet!  I really really want to be able to GIVE Moringa seed away, but alas, no seeds!  I'm going to plant more seeds so I can increase my chances of getting some seed pods!  Perhaps the trees need less water.  This one gets watered every other day if it's "dry". 

My latest purchase from Cherrygal was all herbs.  Sweet pepper (ok, not an herb!), thyme, society garlic (ok, I like the pretty purple flowers they make), salad burnet, comfrey, garlic chives, sweet basil and sweet annie.  I've got to do more research on medicinal properties and how to use sweet annie.

I think I'm most excited about the Comfrey!  I'm going to use it for compost and compost tea.  I'm praying it will grow well here.

Looking forward to the weekend and yardening!  I have lots to do to build my next "plot" for the new herb garden.


  1. Comfrey is pretty marginal in Florida... mine has mostly given up, though you may do better with seed-grown plants than I did with transplants bought up north.

    My recommendation: plant them in a half-shady, moist area.

    1. Thanks for the tip! The plot I'm hoping to finish this weekend is going to about right then! I also plan to try one in one of the big containers where everything is going great! I'm also fully expecting most of what I plant this late to wither in the heat so I'll be holding back enough seed for late fall. And I have some okra and southern peas for the summer!