Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I made only one of the two hugelkultur gardens on my to do list this weekend. And I forgot to take pics.   It is simply a hugelkultur type hump.  No keyhole with compost basket - it turned out to be too small to bother with.  I made this garden first because I really needed to get the sweet potatoes in the ground and this is where I thought they'd do best.

Update on the chipper shredder - it's alive!  YAY!  It was late in the day Saturday when it became operational, so not a whole lot of shredding was done, but it is back from the dead!

And looky what we got Saturday at Lowes:

Oh My Gosh!  I have wanted a leaf vacuum/mulcher for a few years now.  We were at Lowe's looking for a hose fitting and hubby decided we should check out leaf mulchers. Um, OKAY!  We had no idea how much these things were, we've never really checked. This one had a sale sticker on it for $59.99 but it was for a sale in March.  The kindly salesman said he'd get us that sale price anyway ($10 off) and I went lickety split (as my Mother would say) to get the cart!  Most people use these things to blow debris off their walkways/driveways and never ever use the vacuum part of the machine, but I don't care about the blower part one iota.  I just want to suck up the copious amount of leaves my tropical almond trees drop.  I now have perfect leafy mulch to spread over my entire yard!  And I mean perfect!

We decided on this particular one because the one below it and above it in price had plastic impellers, which seemed silly.  This one had the metal impeller and I think it will last a good long while.

I am in mulch heaven.  Truly.  It works like a charm.  I can easily manage this fantabulous machine - it's not too heavy.  I was able to mulch the entire area I had weeded Saturday morning in just 30 minutes sucking up leaves around the back yard!  It was crazy! Thankfully, I didn't have to go back down the street for three loads of free mulch, which is rather a pain because you really have to pick through it since there's lots of sticks and other stuff you don't want to take home with you.  Not to mention leaf mold or whatever else is in there.  But it is free so I've always just dealt with it and carefully picked out the good bits (hopefully).

But seriously, this is an amazing machine.  The mulch that comes out is so perfectly tidy that I no longer have to go buy mulch to cover up my ugly mulch!

Amen to that!

Happy Happy Yardening!

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