Monday, April 7, 2014

Goji Berries and Tart Cherry Juice

After my miserable Cymbalta trial, I got a few more books about medicinal herbs.  I found a reference to Tart Cherry Juice being useful for arthritis pain and after a bit more research on-line, I decided it was worth a try.  At least this wouldn't hurt me.  I felt too sick all last week to do more than drag myself into work so yesterday Hubby and I finally got to Fresh Market to buy some.  We also went to a few other places and I compared those brands to what I bought, but oddly, the other brands, although reputable according to my research, were all in plastic bottles!  Why would they do that?  One of them was also "light".  Again, why???

Another thing Tart Cherry Juice is supposed to help with is sleep issues.  It takes me forever to get to sleep at night.  So hopefully within a week I'll notice some difference in the pain level.  If not, I have another option up my sleeve.  One experiment at a time.

We also went to Ada's, a local (very) small scale version of Whole Foods, where I compared prices on the Tart Cherry Juice.  They also had the juice in glass bottles and it was similarly priced.  So now I have two sources.  It takes about 7 days to start noticing any results.  Praying this will help!

I found a package of mixed raw "super fruits" consisting of Goji Berries, Blueberries, Mulberries and Golden Berries. I've read about goji berries recently and one blogger was amazed that people in Florida don't realize they can grow goji berries here.  I've seen it on the shelf many times but I've never tried them, mainly because they're outrageously priced.  But this mixture seemed like a good way to try mulberries and golden berries which I am also interested in growing.  So, to justify the cost, I'm going to plant some!  It will be an interesting experiment to see what grows.  These are supposedly unprocessed, raw fruits.  We shall see.

I have ground cherries growing and producing fruit so golden berries, goji berries and mulberries should be happy as well.  Living through the heat of the summer will be another story but will be worth a shot.  My ground cherries get morning to early afternoon sun, then they are in shade for the latter part of the afternoon.  Everything in those containers is happy happy happy right now.  So that's where the new fruits will be planted as well.

I also made a very nice sore throat syrup, simply combining raw honey and ground ginger. Yummy.  I had never made any before.  Probably because it's been years since I've had a cold or sore throat.

I even had enough energy left to plant my three sunchokes and a few comfrey seeds, as well as harvest the last of my "green" pigeon peas for dinner!  Now the pigeon pea is ready for some chop and drop action!

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