Saturday, April 12, 2014

Drunken Composting

I have a large compost tumbler which we purchased at Tractor Supply last summer.  I put it right outside our back patio door so that it's easily accessible to dump our kitchen scraps into.  I have to admit, it isn't working quite as well or as fast as I had hoped.  It makes kind of a goopy slimy mess.  No resemblance of "soil" in the least.  I've been using this two ways - either I dump it in a pile and work it into a patch of crap soil, or I put a good lump into a 5 gallon bucket, add water, and let it fester for a week and use for "compost tea".  As I'm making the compost in the tumbler, I top each dump of kitchen scraps with a like amount of leaves, which are always within reach thanks to our tropical almond trees.  So the wetness is a mystery.  I guess I'll have to ask hubby to drill holes in the bottom, as he suggested.

So I did a little experiment today making compost in piles.  I used the "drunken compost" method as shown in this video:

I had made a large pile of brown matter a few weeks ago when I raked the back yard and chopped a bunch of trimmed branches into little pieces no more than 6 inches long.  It was a goodly pile, with leaves and dirt mixed in.

We use large yogurt containers to dump our kitchen scraps in.  Instead of dumping the last few weeks' worth in the tumbler, I kept a few on the back patio "festering" so I could try this experiment.  So today was the day.  The only thing I deviated from was that I used ginger ale instead of cola, because that's what I had on hand.  We had some yucky beer in the old fridge in the garage left by my sisters so I put that to good use!

I'm hoping this method will be successful.  Worst case, it won't be any worse than the compost tumbler results!

Happy yardening!


  1. I know this has been several years ago but I never saw the update and I’m extremely curious how it worked.

  2. Well that was a waste of time, no follow up? What are the odds I'll read another article on your blog?