Monday, April 28, 2014

Cossack Pineapple Ground Cherry

I made an exciting discovery today!  I found my first Cossack Pineapple fruits on the ground! Here's what they looked like (I know, I know, crap picture):

I have white or blue dishes, so I was hoping the blue dish would help show the color of the fruit a bit better.  Anywho, I opened them all up and found that all but one were pretty "greenish".  I looked at images on line and they definitely are unripe.  Harumph!

We tried the least green one and it was lovely.  Not tart at all.  I've read a bit more about them and it's recommended that since this variety is known for dropping their fruit before they're ripe, to simply put them in a basket and let them sit at least a week to ripen.  So that's the plan!  I'm amazed this plant is growing as well as it is, particularly because it's in a smallish pot with other plants.  I bought these seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange with no great expectation that they'd grow well for me, just a hope and a prayer.  So I am tickled pink!

A few weeks ago I planted 4 more seeds directly in the ground and they have all come up quite nicely.  Of course, I now have seeds for life!  How awesome is that?

I'll be checking for fruits every day, now that they've started to drop.  This just made my day!

Happy Yardening!

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