Monday, April 28, 2014

Birds in the Backyard

Here are some birds that visit the yard. 

Pair of Painted Buntings
This pair of painted buntings comes in every spring and fall.  It's so exciting when they arrive! We've seen as many as three females at one time, but only the one male.

A pretender
 We used to have raccoons in the yard on a daily basis, drinking from the water bowls we leave on the ground.  But this guy decided to do things the hard way! 

Yellow-Rumped Warbler (We call them Rumpers)
 The "Rumpers" come in only during the winter and only for water.  There are dozens of them and it gets crazy trying to spot any "different" warblers.

Common Grackle on a Rainy Day
 These aren't favorites for bird watchers because they hog all the seed, but they are very important to clue in any other birds in the area that there's food and water available.  Even in the bird world, you have to take the good with the bad. 

Female Painted Bunting

Scarlet Tanager
This was a rare treat for us!  He stuck around for the better part of an afternoon.  We've had a male and female Summer Tanager come in as well. 

Screech Owl
It was pure luck we were out in the yard at the right time one night.  This guy was adorable.  We have Great Horned Owls come in as well.  Awesome birds.

Great Crested Flycatcher 
 LOVE these birds.  They have great whistles.  Love it when they come back.

The catbird is our indicator that spring has sprung and summer is fast on the way.  These guys arrive early and leave late, so we welcome them and keep them watered through the winter and spring.

Mourning Dove
We really like Mourning Doves.  They're just fun to watch, bobbing along the ground and stumbling about.  Ditto Ground Doves.

And of course the year long Cardinals with their early summer babies. We can always spot them because they just don't look quite "finished"! 

And that's a tour of some of our backyard birding experiences!  Now I have to find my pictures of the indigo buntings dripping from the bushes!

P.S. Hubby took all but the Scarlet Tanager pic.  I took that one - he was in a tree just to my left - lucky shot!

Happy Yardening!

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