Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ammonia in the Garden?

A friend of mine asked if I had ever heard of using ammonia to fertilize roses.  My immediate reaction was NO! that sounds terribly wrong!  So I looked it up.  Boy was I wrong!  A can of worms in my little gardening head exploded!  I had no idea you could use ammonia diluted in water for cucumber plants and roses. I've been envying my neighbor's roses and would like to try planting roses again and now I just might have to give it a go.

All winter and spring I've been using miracle gro and epsom salt on the garden.  I use compost tea every other feeding which stretches the miracle gro a bit.  I'm hoping I can get the comfrey to grow so I don't have to buy fertilizer as often. Although I understand any greenery will work to ferment and use as tea, the comfrey has everything required for a balanced fertilizer.

I use 6-6-6 when I make up my soil mix so the plants have something to start off with.  I get 6-6-6 instead of 10-10-10 so I can feed everything in the yard and not worry about burning anything.

I love learning new things every day!

Happy yardening!


  1. how much ammonia do you dilute to feed the roses? any other dilutions for other veggies?

  2. I used a 10:1 ratio (just to be safe) in my watering can. Apparently urine can be used in the same manner. I can't get my head around that though!