Sunday, September 1, 2013

How have I lived without these tools all my gardening life?

I stumbled upon a blog in which the writer was oohing and aahing over their Hori Hori digger.  I had never heard of such a thing so I did some investigating.  I discovered Japanese Garden Tools!  I really could choke my horticulture teacher from 1977 for not introducing his class to these tools.  I mean, seriously!  I can't believe I've never even heard of these!  I feel cheated.  So many years wasted using stupid trowels and heavy tools that tire me out quickly.

I bought 4 tools and my oh my have I used the hell out of my new Nejiri Scraper (with long handle and long neck).  It is AMAZING!  It is so light weight, which is very important for my pain riddled hands, that I'm able to use it until the heat knocks me out rather than the tool!  Woo Hoo!  That is a huge improvement in my gardening stamina.  Just look at this wickedly awesome tool!

Here are all the tools I bought:

From left: Kusakichi saw tooth sickle, Kusatori ichiban weeder, Hori Hori digger with sheath, and the fantabulous Nejiri scraper!  The Kusatori ichiban weeder should work brilliantly removing weeds from my brick patio.  I bought the sickle to get control of the ferns we introduced to the yard several years ago (bad ferns!).  All but the digger are super light weight.

My newly planted fruit trees are coming along nicely, thanks to all the beautiful rain we're having this summer.  Mowing around the newly planted trees is not fun, however, so I'm taking out all the (cough) grass in between the trees, then mulching, and will plant vegetables and ground fruits in the new patch of "garden".  It was going to be a slow process, but now that I have this fantastic Nejiri Scraper, I've done nearly all the area I need to do in just two "sittings" (two morning weeding sessions about 40 minutes each).  Once the weather breaks in a few weeks I'll go to town on the rest of the yard.  YAY!

Here's a pic of my work so far.  I'll need to go up the street later for another load of free mulch to cover this morning's work.  Weeds grow in two seconds here!

Time for a nap.