Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Fruits for my Labor

I bought a Cavendish Banana tree and told myself I could not buy another edible for the yard until I got it planted.  Which I did yesterday before work, which required a bit of a nap shortly thereafter.  Happily, we had to make a trip to Lowe's for hubby's project so I scooted into the garden center to buy a Lychee tree.  I accidentally got a Meyer lemon tree and another Canna lily.

I also went into the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market right after work and picked up a malanga, name, and boniato, and also a champagne mango to stick in the ground.  I was impressed with the selection.  I really didn't expect to find everything I went in to buy.  Very excited about that and it's right around the corner from work!  Who knew?

So now I have lots of work to do in the yard this weekend.  Looking forward to it.  Hope it rains.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Blame Pigeon Peas

My "little experiments" started three years ago.  They were really just diversions from my year long obsession trying to find out why I have Lupus.  I was diagnosed in July 2009 and I knew there had to be a reason and a fix.  I read lots of books, did lots of research on-line, and sadly realized that there's not a whole lot out there other than how to cope because "they" don't know how people get it and "they" don't know how to cure it.  Sure, they give you a pill to help with the fatigue, joint pain and overall malaise, but they really have no idea how to do more than "cover up the symptoms".  I learned three very important things in all my research; 1. you won't learn much from doctors - you have to go to the source!  I joined the message boards at and chatted with other people who have Lupus to find out that other people are dealing with lots of the same issues and a lot of what you experience is "normal" for Lupus patients so you're not crazy, 2. the Sun and Fluorescent lights do bad things to me.  Very bad things, and 3 (most importantly) PACE yourself.  Don't overdo it.  Take a nap if you're overwhelmingly tired.  Because if you don't, you'll be doubly worn out later.

The Great Diversion.  Hubby got a book called "How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It", read a few chapters, and said "here, you should read this".  He admitted it scared him a little bit.  I had no idea what it was about, and was certainly not prepared to learn about TEOTWAWKI!!!  Then I read "One Second After".  And I started prepping. Immediately!

Hubby was overjoyed I had found a new "obsession"!  The wallet, not so much.

Experiment #1.  We love the Tractor Supply store.  One day, I found a pressure canner on sale and brought that baby home.  And oh, did I experiment!  Beans, veggies, meats, chili, soups - woo hoo!

Fast forward to today - Pigeon Peas!  I read a blog post that said Pigeon Peas, like Moringa, are a must have for survival food.  I have the moringa, so I must have Pigeon Peas!  Right?  So I ordered my seeds and planted them two weeks ago.  And they are still alive!  In SW FL in July!

And I am off and running on a "food forest" adventure (hat tip David the Good at

And that's how Sheila's Little Experiments came about.